Pregnancy Weight Gain

An Overview of Pregnancy Weight Gain A growing baby bump is a wonderful thing for expectant mothers. It means the baby is growing and maturing, hopefully with the correct nutrients for healthy development. Many [...]

Baby Boxes

The Women's Specialists of Plano is the first OBGYN group in North Texas to offer expecting and new parents a free Baby Box. The goal of the Baby Box program is to improve family healthcare [...]

Zika and Pregnancy

An Overview of Zika and Pregnancy Ever since Zika virus has become a widespread health concern, Zika and pregnancy have been a popular topic in the Women’s Specialists of Plano office. The Plano obstetricians [...]

Katie Dowdy

Katie with her husband and baby boy. Katie Dowdy Shares her Experience with Dr. Elizabeth Coronado We were in the process of trying to get pregnant for 7 months when Dr. Coronado [...]

How Can I Return to a Healthy Lifestyle?

Important Health Tips for Women We have all heard the saying, “If only I would have known then what I know now.”   While this popular phrase can be used for any given topic relating [...]

What is the Importance of an OBGYN?

The Importance of OBGYN Specialists and Women's Health Men and women will always differ in shape, weight, height, and anatomy.  Both will experience their own range of physical, emotional and health problems as they [...]