Katie Dowdy

Katie with her husband and baby boy. We were in the process of trying to get pregnant for 7 months when Dr. Coronado came into the practice. The first time I met Dr. [...]

How Can I Return to a Healthy Lifestyle?

We have all heard the saying, “If only I would have known then what I know now.”   While this popular phrase can be used for any given topic relating to life, it isn’t until someone [...]

What is the Importance of an OBGYN?

Men and women will always differ in shape, weight, height, and anatomy.  Both will experience their own range of physical, emotional and health problems as they relate to the specific sex.  They have different problems, [...]

What is the Importance of Healthcare for Women?

By the time a female turns 21, her body has already experienced a myriad of emotional and physical changes.  With the onset of cyclic hormone production from the ovaries, secondary sexual characteristics such as breast [...]

What is Robotic Surgery?

Plano, Texas Gynecologist Group Pioneers in Performing the da Vinci Robotic Surgery The Women’s Specialists of Plano offer the robotic hysterectomy and robotic myomectomy as treatment for uterine fibroids and many other gynecological conditions Every [...]

Is Tubal Ligation Surgery the Right Choice for Me?

The Women’s Specialists of Plano (Texas) a group of gynecologists servicing the greater North Dallas and Collin County areas, participated in this feature on permanent birth control for women. Whether or not to have a [...]