How Can I Return to a Healthy Lifestyle?

We have all heard the saying, “If only I would have known then what I know now.”   While this popular phrase can be used for any given topic relating to life, it isn’t until someone makes a change in his or her own life […]

What is the Importance of Healthcare for Women?

By the time a female turns 21, her body has already experienced a myriad of emotional and physical changes.  With the onset of cyclic hormone production from the ovaries, secondary sexual characteristics such as breast development and pubic hair growth begins.

Approximately […]

What are my Treatment Options for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding?

Many women suffer from abnormal menstrual periods.  For many, a very heavy menstruation is the primary symptom. An average of 90% of women will complain of lengthy or heavy periods at least once in their adolescent years. But when heavy and lengthy periods become a monthly occurrence […]

What Treatment Options Are Available for Cystoceles?

medilllarge_cystoceleAccording to the Women’s Specialists of Plano, a group of gynecologists in the Plano, Texas area, if you are a woman that has delivered multiple children, has experienced a difficult childbirth delivery, or if you have gone through menopause, you may experience the unwanted and frustrating symptoms associated with a […]

How Can I Alleviate My Severe Menstrual Cramps?

c1main.woman.pain.tsFor some of us, those dreadful menstrual cramps are a sign that our period is lurking just around the bend, and then occur in sync with the first few days of our cycle. Like our mothers and grandmothers before us, this is just one of the beautiful and ugly parts […]

Plano, TX OBGYN Drs. Fox and Greebon Perform First Robotic Hysterectomy at Medical Center Plano

Women’s Specialists of Plano Drs. Dennis Eisenberg and Murray Fox Perform First Robotic Hysterectomy on New DaVinci Si Machine with 8mm Camera at Medical Center Plano

Dr. Dennis Eisenberg of Plano, Texas, a pioneer in the use of the robotic hysterectomy surgical technique, recently completed his first hysterectomy surgery at Medical Center Plano using the new DaVinci Si machine. Dr. Eisenberg […]

What is Pelvic Inflammatory Disease?

The Women’s Specialists of Plano, Texas put together this informational sheet on Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.  They treat women—most commonly under the age of 35—who suffer from this gynecological disease. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, or P.I.D. as it is commonly referred to, is an […]

What are Uterine Fibroids?

“I Have Uterine Fibroids.  Should I be concerned?”

The doctors that make up the Women’s Specialists of Plano (972.379.2416) see their fair share of uterine fibroids weekly at their North Texas OBGYN office. Uterine fibroid tumors are one of the most common gynecological conditions affecting American women today—in fact, this year alone, almost 1 in 4 will be diagnosed with these benign […]

Robotic Surgery | Robot-Assisted Hysterectomy | Plano

The physicians at Women’s Specialists of Plano, 972-379-2416, are among the more experienced gynecologic robotic surgeons in the Plano, Texas area. Several of the doctors at Women’s Specialists underwent additional training on the da Vinci robotic surgery system and have since performed hundreds of minimally invasive robot-assisted procedures such hysterectomy and mymoectomy.

Medpage Today, an online medical news site, published an article […]

What is Robotic Laparoscopic Surgery?

Women in Plano, Frisco, Dallas, Richardson and surrounding North Texas communities considering a hysterectomy to treat conditions such as cervical, uterine, or ovarian cancer, pelvic pain, excessive bleeding (mennorghia), or symptoms from fibroids should be informed about the benefits a hysterectomy operation performed via robotic laparoscopic surgery. This video from the show “The Drs” provides a nice overview of the […]