Why Robotic Surgery?

console_surgeon_dwnWhy Robotic Surgery is a Leading Treatment Option

The skilled doctors of Women’s Specialists of Plano are trained experts in robotic surgery.  This alternative treatment to general hysterectomy surgery offers patients living in the Plano, Frisco and Dallas, Texas communities a quicker recovery, minimal pain and side-effects and a decreased risk for complications.

Women’s Specialists of Plano offers the da Vinci robotic hysterectomy as an effective alternative to general hysterectomy surgery.

They recently offered the following physician feedback and patient reviews for da Vinci Robotic Surgery. The majority of these reviews were collected and written by Intuitive Surgical—the developers of the da Vinci robotic system based out of Sunnyvale, CA.


“The recovery process using the robotic technique is night and day compared to general hysterectomy surgery. There were zero complications, minimal scarring and absolutely no side-effects.  The da Vinci system is a true amazement and in my opinion the wave of the future in hysterectomy surgery.”  da Vinci Robotic Hysterectomy Patient


“The potential payoffs [of the da Vinci Surgical System] are impressive: Smaller incisions, less pain, fewer infections and other complications, shorter hospital stays, faster recovery, even improved odds that the outcome of the procedure will be a success.”   U.S. News & World Report



“The precision and flexibility of this type of computerized system will allow us to do things we haven’t even thought of yet.”  Dr. William Kelley, Henrico Doctors Hospital, Richmond, VA

Once you see the way patients recover, there is just no way you want to go back to larger incisions….”  Douglas A. Murphy, M.D., Cardiac Surgeon Saint Joseph’s Hospital, Atlanta, GA


“This is a significant milestone to minimize the trauma of surgery.”   Dr. Craig Smith. Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, New York, NY


“Robotic assisted surgery is safe and effective, and is a new reality for American surgery.”  Mark A. Talamini, M.D. et al”A Prospective Analysis of 211 Robotic Assisted Surgical Procedures,” Surgical Endoscopy


“As a trained surgical oncologist, the da Vinci System has allowed me to offer my patients a better cancer operation with improved clinical outcomes.”    Thomas E. Ahlering, M.D., University of California Irvine Medical Center


“In my experience, robotics allows for greater surgical precision which leads to improvements in cancer control, potency and urinary function.”  Mani Menon, M.D., Director, Vattikuti Urology Institute, Henry Ford Health System


“After … deciding upon a radical prostatectomy, I quickly did extensive research regarding my options. When I discovered information about the procedure using the da Vinci Surgical System, I was convinced that this was the only option for me. I was back to work after four and a half weeks and even played racquetball after six weeks.”     da Vinci Prostatectomy patient, aerospace design engineer


“I was home maybe three days [after coronary revascularization surgery] when I went shopping at the grocery store.”     69 year-old da Vinci Coronary Revascularization patient


“I have not taken a Tylenol throughout the entire process…”     da Vinci  patient


“I would recommend the robotic hysterectomy to any of my friends or family who are faced with having to have a hysterectomy. After the procedure, I only took pain medications on the first day. My scar is so tiny that I forget it is even there. I’m about four weeks post-operative and looking back, I cannot think of a better experience in terms of a surgery and after-recovery.”   Robotic Hysterectomy Patient

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