Dear Patients,

Per the TEXAS MEDICAL BOARD RULING, you may not enter the office without a face covering of some kind to include a bandana, scarf, or mask.  Unfortunately, we barely have enough masks for our own staff and cannot distribute them to patients.

 Please do not enter the building unless your answer is NO to the following questions:

  • Have you had a cough or fever in the last 2-3 days?
  • Have you had contact with a COVID-19 positive person in the last 2 weeks?
  • Have you traveled outside of the state in the last 2 weeks?

We understand the growing concern surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) across the communities we serve. The health and safety of our patients, physicians, and staff is our top priority. WSOP has been actively preparing its offices, physicians, and employees to identify possible patients with the COVID-19 virus and to prevent transmission to themselves, other patients, and visitors.

Based on current guidance and our own standards and practices, we remain open and ready to provide exceptional patient care experiences.